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How Does It Work?

Top Hat & Veils is all about linking the power of a video on YouTube

with the power of Social Media and Company Websites.

Access to Page One online search engine rankings through Top Hat & Veils. (*t&c’s apply) 
We work to ensure Top Hat & Veils maintains its page one ranking in a crowded search result that is the wedding industry – your company appearing on page one is significantly important, given the volume of competitors in wedding sector.
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The format for Top Hat & Veils is a simple one, pop in to our studio, make a short video and voila! Top Hat & Veils is an ongoing entity, filming up to three times a month on a Friday morning from 8.30am-10am at the lovely premises of the GlassBox Media Studio in Felixstowe. The morning is split up into three 30min guest slots, this gives you time to prepare and be interviewed. You also get the opportunity to network with others in the wedding industry and are welcome to come along for the whole morning’s filming.

Video-Sales-SEO-Stats1 - Copy (2)How better to engage with customers than through a video. – The more engaged your customers are, the better your sales.
Prior to 2015 companies tentatively discussed whether or not a video marketing channel and intergration with social media will be important…… You bet! As of end of 2014 48% of searches are being carried out on YouTube (which is owned by Google!) meaning that marketing has seen a dramatic jump to videos sales with social media also still playing a crucial role in sales. For more information on Video SEO Click here

Simply Put: We take your video and pop it onto YouTube, then the magic happens. Through simple clear SEO Video Optimisation,j advertising of the Top Hat & Veils YouTube Wedding Channel, along with some other technical Social Media Marketing tactics, we can increase your online presence.

Video-Sales-SEO-Stats1 - CopyWhat can you do with your video? Your video can be used for promotional purposes, simply by encouraging the the couple after their wedding, to share your video as a testimonial ‘thank you’ on their social media channels etc. You can also use the video yourself as a means to promote yourself on wedding fayre social media pages ahead of attending the fayre. You can use it on your social media channels to encourage people to come along to Top Hat & Veils website to get special offers on your services.
There is so much you can do with your video, it would fill a whole webpage!


We can help you navigate the various video platforms available ensuring that your promotional video and your company gets maximum exposure and SEO Ranking. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slide Share, Pinterest and Google + and Vine are just some of the ones available.

To read more on Social Media SEO Marketing click here


What happens after the Top Hat & Veils Video Shoot?
Your video will then be edited by the team at GlassBox Media CIC and posted onto the Top Hat & Veils YouTube Channel.

In addition to the video, we will create a Company Profile Page on our GlassBox Media website under a new section dedicated to Top Hat & Veils (this very website!). You can see examples of company profiles in the gallery at the top of this page, simply click on one and voila!

This will include, the video, a mini biog about the business along with some images and links to your company website and social media channels.

You also have the choice of running special Top Hat & Veils Offers on this page! This will then be promoted across all the social media platforms at Top Hat & Veils disposal.

So, now you’re itching to take part, what happens on the day of a To Hat & Veils Video Shoot?

What we require you to do/bring to your Top Hat & Veils Video Shoot.
• Dress accordingly – videos are the best form of people seeing the person behind the business, imagine this is your first client meeting with the happy couple. So, if you are not a suit wearer, don’t feel obliged to wear a suit, the more honest you are the more people will relate to you.

After we have a cuppa and a chat over your answers, a very short interview will then take place, lasting no more than 15minutes. This is because statistically, people stop watching videos after 15mins.
The interview will consist of questions aimed directly at the customer getting the most amount of vital information about you and your company in the shortest space of time.

Your questions on the day of the Top Hat & Veils Video Shoot will be:
How long have you been in the industry and why? Giving a bit of background shows a genuine passion for what you are offering.
Which areas do you cover – EG: Nationwide, countywide
What will the customer get? – this is the bit where you really sell yourself.

You don’t have to worry about telling anyone how to get in touch with you as this will all be laid out on your Company Profile Page.
For examples of other business pages Click Here: Top Hat & Veils Company Profile Page.

Tip from us professionals: Try to pick out the most important aspects of what you offer, remember at all times when talking about the company, you do ultimately want them to then visit your website where they find even more about what you offer, so don’t try to cram everything you do into an answer. It’s all about the upselling after they are hooked.

We then take the footage off to GlassBox Media Team and the magic begins…….